Fast Student Loans - What to Do For a Student Who Needs a Loan Fast!

The cry goes out from the student in the family - I need a fast student loan Dad! What do you do as a parent to a student who is determined to get a loan and get one quickly?

Unfortunately the current generation of students are used to getting everything they want and getting it immediately. The instant gratification generation expects money to come to them instantly too. That's how they can get themselves into many thousands of dollars of debt very quickly.

So what should you do if you are the parent of a student who wants a quick loan - or indeed that student. Take a step back and think. Is a loan the best option for you? Do you really, really need to borrow the money - because although there are plenty of lenders all too happy to help you with a quick electronic transfer there is a fairly substantial price to paid - in interest and charges.

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Getting a fast loan is really about mortgaging your future. I'm not saying that there are not sometimes emergencies where you will need a quick loan. But that's what it should be - an emergency. Your car dying and needing to be replaced so that you can still get to class and your part-time job - is an emergency. Wanting to upgrade your car to something cooler - is not.

If you decide to go ahead with a fast student loan - borrow as little as you can - and pay it back as soon as you can afford to - don't leave the debt outstanding and accruing interest unless you have to.

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