British Women Falling For Unsecured Loans

Well, it is a different kind of affair that British women seem to have been enjoying. A research by price comparison website recently revealed that British women have unsecured loans amounting to a whopping twenty billion pounds. And, these loans do not include four and a half billion pounds outstanding on their overdraft facilities. Another interesting aspect reveals that these ‘women in affair’ were taking up to a year to repay their debts rather than trying to clear them straight away.

Actually, unsecured loans provide borrowers a very good opportunity to go on shopping spree. You can get as few as £250 in the form of unsecured loans and this amount can even go up to £25,000. This makes it easy for the borrowers to get quick finance for their varying financial needs. You can easily repay the loan amount in monthly installments that can go on for up to 8-10 years.

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Unsecured loans do not require any security – a reason why these loans are so popular with the borrowers. In the absence of security, you get away from many formalities like valuation of property, lengthy documentation, etc. It eventually leads to a short processing time and a quick loan. Another aspect that flows out of the same stream is the absence of risk. Your property remains safe and it cannot be subjected to any repossession proceedings because it has not been pledged with the lender.

So, unsecured loans [] are absolutely safe and without any risk. However, the lender can always prosecute you for failing to repay the loan amount in accordance with the law of the land and the loan agreement. As for the lenders’ community, they comprise of high street banks, building societies, private online lenders and other financial institutions. They are engaged in lending out loans in various forms. The UK lending market is further divided into prime and sub-prime lenders. The former ones are those who hold high reputation in the market and are mainly the high street Banks. In the year 2006, it was Lloyds TSB that was the leading personal loan provider in the UK.

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