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Most business owners who are in need of a quick loan often make the grave mistake of approaching unscrupulous loan brokers and agents who will offer them quick loans at atrocious interest rates. The truth is that there are ways to get a loan quickly and affordably. You just have to think outside of the box.

Ask business owners what their impression is of commercial finance and you will get a host of answer. The one factor that is almost always mentioned is the time involved. Commercial banking is not a quick process. The idea of doing a loan in 30 days is laughable. If you need money quick as a business owner, you need to look to alternatives. Let's take a look.

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Personal loan with collateral - If you have a decent credit score and are willing up to put up collateral, banks will offer you reasonable amounts of cash as a loan that will be processed quickly. Unlike business loans with a long application process, secured personal loans will usually go through a quick approval process. The very big downside is you are now on the hook for the loan and essentially waive any protection from incorporating.

Accounts receivables loan - We've all been in the unique position of being receivables rich, but cash poor. Our dearly beloved customers owe us money, but haven't paid or aren't due to pay for net 30 or 60 and we need money NOW! The Accounts receivable loan is one way for dealing with this. Commercial banks and brokers offer them. The costs can be high, but the cash flow relief is usually worth it. The same is true for factoring receivables as well.

Even if one plans on applying for a loan using routine procedures, they can speed it along by providing the right documentation that will quicken the loan approval process. You must also be able to meet several conditions and present your case clearly so that the bank is quickly able to realize that you have good credit worthiness. Some of the documents and factors that will help establish your credit worthiness are

• Consistently good credit history and credit score, both for your business as well as personal accounts.

• Good financial statements on the business that will show the business as a profitable one.

• Collateral assets and necessary proof to show ownership of proposed collateral

One will usually see a quick approval process for smaller loans where the requested amount is typically lower than about $50,000. Some businessmen make the mistake of asking for more than what they need which will lead to a rejection or a very long approval time where the bank checks your requirements for the funds. Stay within your means, provide supporting docs and you should be in great shape.

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