Military Loans Are Available - No Credit Check Needed

Members of the military make many sacrifices every day to do their job and serve their country and in a lot of ways they can never get enough thanks for the job they do. However, there are many programs and benefits that are available to them including the advantages of no credit check military loans.

What Is a No Credit Check Military Loan?

As many people know when they are looking for a loan, bad credit can be a major hurdle to getting the money that you need. Therefore, having the option of obtaining a loan without a credit check -and therefore without risk that your bad credit will disqualify you from the loan - is a major bonus. Generally, these loans are available to all people, but special programs for military members offer additional benefits and lower interest rates and fees.

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When No Credit Check Loans Are a Good Choice

So, when would a military member choose to obtain a no credit check loan? Obviously, this type of loan is the right choice when a poor credit history is of concern. Also, these loans are generally given in lower amounts than larger military loans. When looking for a no credit check loan, it is important to know that you will be given approximately $500-$1,000 tops. Therefore, these loans are really helpful at times when you need to make a payment before your next paycheck comes in or when you need a bit of cash for an emergency purchase such as car repair.

Another great feature of a no credit check loan is the fast approval process. You can literally get the money you need within 24 hours. Generally, you will need to provide proof of identity, military service and rank as well as residence.

A Word of Warning

The major downside to getting military no credit loans is that the repayment period on these loans is generally quick - usually 2 to 4 weeks. These loans are meant to serve the purpose of providing quick cash on hand for a short period of time and are therefore called cash advance loans. The theory is that you will use your next paycheck or two to repay the loan in full.

Another concern is the rate of interest that these loans carry. Because of their short repayment period, the only way that lenders can make any money on no credit check loans is through charging higher interest rates and fees. Even though your military status may entitle you to lower rates, they will still be far above most of the interest rates you see advertised.

Getting Your No Credit Check Loan

If you find that getting a no credit check military loan is the right choice for you, the internet is your best resource through which to obtain it. There are several lenders online these days that specialize in these quick loans as well as serving military members who seek them. As I mentioned before, the convenience of the online application process makes it possible to get the money you need - generally up to $1,000 - in your personal bank account in one day. Military members with bad credit who are in need of quick sources of cash should look into no credit check loans as an option to help them in times of need.

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