Wells Fargo Loan Modification - Tips to Modify Your Loan and Lower Your Payment

Wells Fargo has begun to streamline approvals for loan modifications with Obama's housing plan. They have been approved to receive incentive payments for every loan they approve. The approvals for the loans are now being sent out to those homeowners who qualify. If an applicant can prove the need under the standard guideline, a lower mortgage payment is very possible. The key to a quick loan approval with Wells Fargo is knowing and understanding how to complete the application so that it is accepted under the guidelines. It makes it must easier for the bank to approve a loan when it filled out correctly. All the bank has to do is approve the loan based on the criteria needed and this can proven very easily on paper.

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When applying for a Wells Fargo loan modification, questions will be asked during an interview that is conducted over the phone. How the applicants answers these questions will play a big role in the approval. When completing the loan process, a financial statement will need to be prepared to prove that the current mortgage payment cannot be afforded but that a new modified payment will fit better the financial situation.

It is very important to have all necessary paperwork completed and available when calling Wells Fargo. Some of the questions asked will concern finances, including gross and net income, expenses, utilities and groceries. If all the paperwork is prepared and can be reached quickly, no mistakes will be made on the application. A loan modification with Wells Fargo will only be approved if the applicant proves to meet the needs through the guidelines.

Anyone who owns a home and is having financial difficulties can apply with Wells Fargo. A good candidate has a loan that was created before January 1, 2008, the current mortgage payment is more than 31% of gross income each month and the loan balance is below $729,750. As long as requirements are approved, an interest rate may be reduces as low as 2%, have some principle balance deferred and extend the loan to 40 years.

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