Why it Might Not Be Necessary to Get a Loan

There are many reasons you might look toward getting a loan. One obvious reason is to pay for a car repair for something that has just happened, such as the brakes going out. You take your car to the mechanic and you find that it is not a simple fix but rotors, calipers and new brake pads, all ending up costing the equivalent of the national debt! Without a car, you can't get to work and earn the income to pay your expenses. So this would be a really good reason for getting a loan.

Another reason would be repairs to your home. Let's say your carpet is destroyed by the animals that you have (and we all know what that means!) However, new flooring doesn't come cheap. Yet anything that you do to improve your home can enhance its value; so maybe a quick loan might be worth the investment.

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We have some loan options. There are, of course, credit cards. Taking a cash advance or depositing one of those credit checks that they send you can be very costly. A personal loan may be an option, but if you don't meet the bank's or credit union's lending criteria you are out of luck there.

So the option we would always recommend in the situation would be generating some additional income instead of getting a loan to pay for your needs. How about a garage sale whereby you get rid of some things that you will never use? You would be surprised what you can make at one of these things. The cost to have one is very nominal: just an ad in the local paper and putting up flyers in the area that have your address or directions on it. This way, you can generate some additional cash without having to pay excessive fees, interest or additional charges that a lender would apply.

So all is not lost, maybe you should consider alternatives and make some money before you borrow and incur additional debt.

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